How long have you been on LifePunch?
Joined the forums (the first time) exactly 4 years ago today Big_grin
[Image: DmFDzsz.gif]
Just passed the 5 year mark.
[Image: LGHHh33.gif]

swiggity swag talich is a fag.
Joined back in early 2013, but joined the forums on April 25th, 2013, so goin' on 4 years.
[Image: d414585750.png]
Stopped by the servers a few times mid 2012 but didn't start getting into JB until September of the same year.
What up.
[Image: x2waKsS.png]
I've been here since early 2012, still the best Gmod community/servers of all time.
[Image: dvLAGzw.png]

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LifePunch is a fun, laid back gaming community that actively develops and hosts custom made gamemodes for Garry's Mod. Currently, we host Garry's Mod JailBreak, Bunny Hop, DeathRun, Cinema (Theater), GunGame and Flood! We welcome and are made of Garry's Mod players of all ages, nationalities, genders, etc.