[BHOP] Bunny Hop Multiple Suggestions v2
(09-03-2016, 08:25 AM)Khanites Wrote: I would love to see bhop_community_jump.

That map is on the hard server my dood
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for goodness sake make default speed 260
[Image: OvQgRwc.jpg]
Panda told me to update this thread, so updated.

-Changed the 3 main titles of groups.
-Removed some stuff I felt wasn't really needed.
-Updated a whole bunch of suggestions.
-Added "Add Different Ratings for Each Style" suggestion
-Removed the "suggested by" parts of the thread because I felt like it didn't flow so well with all of them cluttered into the thread.
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[Image: 3TKbKmk.png]
I agree with everything and another thing I'd like changed is the map names. I think it would look more uniform and organized if all the maps just had their bhop_ prefix and not a custom name. bhop_arcane_v1 for instance instead of Arcane v1. Only some of the maps are correctly named anyways, and it looks a bit messy and unprofessional imo. It makes it take longer to find the map you want.

Also I want map cooldowns removed completely. Most servers don't have them and they work completely fine, and it prevents you from playing anything twice in a reasonable time frame. Like half of the hard maps are constantly on cooldown and it makes it impossible to play anything fun.

Also some map suggestions I'd like added are kz_mix_journeys.

Also more server titles for bhop would be nice, maybe other shop stuff like tags. Maybe a gotta go faste taunt.

W-Only title and WR title pls.

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