[DR] Parking garage death exploit?
Simple question, just want this on file.

Is it an exploit to grab a gun at the end and proceed through the map backwards, killing runners with the gun? 
This can occur when a rusher finishes but dies to the deaths at the end, allowing them to pick up a gun and kill the runners.
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[Image: hGAUMxg.jpg]

Perhaps not an exploit, but could there be something against this at the least? It makes gameplay unfair.

Thank you!
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By that logic isn't the runner getting a gun at the end, but a death not getting a gun making the gameplay unfair?
Deaths can also do the same thing on devfire_beta4 when the runners open the door. If they are quick and lucky enough, they can get through and grab guns and have access to the runners side of the map.
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According to /help, Deaths are supposed to kill runners with traps as they go through the course, not guns from the ending.
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It is the runner's goal to finish the map and then fight for their life against the death team via minigames or whatever said map has in store, as they already lived through all of the possible traps the deaths could have pressed. That would not be unfair if the runners had a gun, no, but forgive me if I worded it wrong in my first post by saying it makes gameplay "unfair". What I had meant by that was, in all honesty, is that deaths shouldn't be able to run backwards through the course and kill runners who have not completed the course with a gun.

This wasn't me trying to get you in trouble, Double. You just happened to be the one I saw doing it is all haha.
You shouldn't be in trouble, regardless of what the staff decide so don't worry. :)
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The staff team will be discussing this. A response will be posted shortly.
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