How long have you been on LifePunch?
Joined late 2013, removed in 2015. Am back ladies.
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(03-21-2017, 12:10 AM)Captain America Wrote: Joined late 2013, removed in 2015. Am back ladies.

Where's the love rating when you need it
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I was on LP before the big ddos attack, back when monkeys was Mister Tickles. I've been in and out ever since. man i still remember playing LP back when it was like one jailbreak server on jb_lego like 24/7 and there were a bunch of porn sprays because they were the only server that allowed it back then (or i guess they just didnt care).
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About 3 years started in February 2014
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few months
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Since sometime in 2012 but didn't play much until Bhop.
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First played Deathrun in 2013 but but made a forum account in 2014.

Took a long break from LP where I learned how to bhop on the DMG server. When that shut down I returned to LP and started bhoping on LP servers

Didn't start playing regularly until I discovered jb in 2014.

Fuck how is it already 2017
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Oh man, since April 2011. I was still in high school at the time.
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(06-19-2015, 02:40 PM)Kairou Wrote: I'm pretty sure I joined in November of 2013, though it could have been a tad bit earlier. It would be cool to know the exact date. :c

It was actually earlier in 2013, which is pretty lit. I didn't join the forums for over a year after joining a server, though, and I only played DeathRun.

This is the longest I have been involved in a community and I really can't see myself completely leaving until the end.
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