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Christmas Talent Show
Name: Mink
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:60756872
Category: Music
What's Your Talent?  Singing and playing my guitar to songs, I would have played my piano, but it's an electric which doesn't work anymore, rip. ;-;
Your Talent (Show off you and your talent):
(Yes, the dot is in the URL)

Name: Mink
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:60756872
Category: Comedy
What's Your Talent?  I did a crude parody of HowToBasic a year back, thought I'd submit it.
Your Talent (Show off you and your talent):
(It's pretty bad in my opinion, but the editing's alright.)
[Image: 5eJuud2.jpg?1]
Thank you to all that entered we will pick the winners as a team and will post the results! Hope everyone had a great Christmas, also want to wish everyone a happy new year Big_grin
We Apologise for the delay, a result will be coming shortly.
[Image: zEHuEZ6.png]
Sorry for the delay everyone. The winners for each category are below, I will get your prizes to you ASAP. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Gaming: Jaycub
Comedy: Pappy
Music: MinkMonk
Art: Moose
Sorry for the delay on the prizes I will give them out as soon as I have time, I've been busy lately but I will get them out by this weekend!
All prizes have been given out, thanks to all who entered!


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