Ban Appeal
hey i was on a while back and as a joke i said i was a moderator from Hexteria and everyone got mad and said i was advertising and so i got banned. I mean im sorry for what i did but i don't think it deserved a perma ban. Maybe i shouldn't of done it but it was a simple joke and i don't think i should have been banned for it. Thank you[/size]
This guy is my friend and I think he deserves a second chance. But he should be unbanned but guard banned for 2 days. I think that would be fair because he was a bad warden and he freekilled by accident a little bit, but he does need a second chance.
Please make a new thread following the template correctly:

Although, we appreciate your concern, please avoid posting on an appeal if you are not asked to by the administration, @"soldjaguy" .

(07-05-2014, 12:31 PM)Monkeys Wrote: The subject of your thread must contain the banning admin in parentheses or it will be closed immediately
Example: My Ban Appeal (Monkeys)

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