Last updated: 5/11/2015 - (General category)

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    Cinema rules

  1. Only report videos that break the rules.
  2. Do not play content illegal in the USA in any theater. Defined as;
  3. a. Child porn. (Even animated)

    b. Bestiality. (Even animated)

    c. Animal abuse.

  4. Do not play NSFW/shock material in public theaters. Defined as;
  5. a. Porn. (Even animated)

    b. Frontal nudity. (Even animated or partial)

    c. Trolling videos. (Rick roll, trololo, screeching videos, etc.)

    d. Animal abuse.

    e. Shock (graphic murder, mutilations, etc.)

    f. This is to the Staff's discretion.

  6. Do not intentionally try to stop people from seeing the screen properly.